Shubham Reverse Osmosis Units

Shubham packaged single-pass and double pass 4- inch and 8-inch reverse osmosis units are designed for a variety of industrial applications requiring high quality equipment with a fast delivery and competitive price. These pre-engineered, pre-assembled and factory tested units minimize installation and start-up time. With simple utility connections and easy to set up controls, the unit is ready for quick on-line service.

  • Optimum water quality is produced by the TFC (thin film composite) RO membranes High pressure 316 stainless steel vertical multistage feed pump
  • ASME Code FRP, RO pressure vessels
  • Pressure relief protection
  • PVC low pressure feed, product and reject piping, 316L stainless steel high pressure piping
  • Dry contacts are provided for chemical feed, pretreatment equipment, storage tank levels, and pressure switches
  • All alarm and shut down conditions are indicated on the control panel.
  • Monitoring devices and instruments are provided.
  • Manufactured with high quality component
  • Equipped with suitable pretreatment
  • User friendly Microprocessor / PLC based electrical control devices
  • Sample valves on the feed for easy water quality testing and to guarantee system performance

  • Compact footprint saves valuable floor space
  • Quick equipment delivery keeps project moving fast
  • Clean in place connections maximize system serviceability
  • Comprehensive factory testing performed at our certified factory
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