Fact : On an average, for every liter of wastewater discharged, about 5-8 liters of water are made unusable for most human uses other than agriculture, hydropower and navigation. If we follow this logic, current water use by Indian industry is somewhere between 35-50 per cent of the total water used in the country. We can thus, safely deduce that what we have at hand is certainly no 'non-issue', but a serious concern.

With the increasing government intervention and growing concerns towards the environment, a steep sensitivity has been growing within the industrial sector. We enable such socially responsible industries with effective waste water treatment. However waste water treatment is not the only specialization we have to offer to the Industrial segment. We also have range of technological back-ups to provide these industries with freshwater treatment that can suit to their individual requirements. To sum it up at Shubham avail them with adequate water supply and integrated solutions for waste water treatment. This is done in accordance with government norms with the use of state of art technologies.

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