About Us

Shubham is the leading Indian water and wastewater Treatment Company providing the most comprehensive water and waste water treatment systems and services for industrial, institutional and municipal customers. Through a pioneering approach in water and waste water treatment, Shubham works to service its clients through a holistic approach. It is known to be the powerhouse in products, systems and services for water & waste water treatment serving a large customer base from diverse groups of municipal & government institutions, Large Industries, laboratory, commercial sectors and various sectors where the very element water comes into picture. Company delivers technology designed to substantially lower costs, provide more flexibility in choosing operating systems, and offer a more automated and resilient systems infrastructure capable of responding to variable business demands.

The corporate put together a team of specialists from across the country; equip them with the state of art technologies & financial support - envisioned to tackle the biggest challenges in Water & Waste Water Treatment and Distribution. Shubham success can be attributed to the shoehorn method of customer service. It understands the integrity of each of our clients personally and designs its products and services to suit the requirements. This enables significant improvements in efficiency, availability, flexibility and manageability.

The company has taken on various value-added roles and has stakes in a cross-section of businesses. With the worldwide reach provided by a well-integrated network that spans the globe, the company has strengthened its capability to manufacture a system that is of global standards, delivers world class quality, work with global brands, and has developed some key international alliances for sustaining future growth such as Middle East, Africa and many more.

Shubham is only the commencement of the vigor that will nurture in leaps and bounds.


Our Philosophy

SHUBHAM growth has been founded on a consistent philosophy: that to be able to deliver the range and quality of products customers demand the modern solution provider must have the scale, good presence and methodical knowledge to do so competitively.

A comprehensive portfolio of flat and long products allows us to deliver whatever our customers require - and wherever they require it. It is supported by state-of-the-art facilities in Ahmedabad, India and a commitment to technological leadership.

SHUBHAM is helping shape the future of Water. But our goal is to be more than just successful. It is to be admired for our culture and for the quality, service and management standards that implies. Nothing less will do.


One of our greatest strength is the quality of our people. We support and encourage, we challenge and stimulate.

We are a set of dynamic and committed individuals, working towards a common goal. We give our team enough space to breathe their ideas and live up to their work requirements. At Shubham we believe in work life balance, as that can give our team members ability to be the best at work and delight our customers with newer & better innovative solutions.

Quality Policy and Statement

The policy of Shubham is to achieve and maintain a high standard of quality in all aspects of our operation and to continually satisfy the expectations of our customers in reverence of all the services offered.

We aim to ensure that the needs of our customers related to the water treatment are clearly understood and met through close liaison at all stages of the work. This is driven through a highly professional conduct with technological and commercial integrity. We implement pilot run for such water management to examine the implementation of the project and measure its success to make sure that desired performance is received when actually implemented in a holistic way across the plant of our customers.

At Shubham Inc. we are committed to enhancing our customers' success worldwide with products, services and responsiveness that set industry standards for quality and value.


Vision and Core Value

We are driven with a vision to be the most admired and trusted Water Management Company and are values of Integrity, Customer Focus and Teamwork, keep us on track. We endeavor to safeguard public health and conserving water resources.

At Shubham our core values establish a framework for all of our strategies, decisions and behavior. They are more than words on a page or noble ideals; they are the standards by which we STRIVE to conduct our daily business, work with one another, and interact within the communities in which we operate.

Looking Forward

For Shubham, the future will hold unrelenting growth and we are sure to position our self as the best product and service partner when it comes to water and waste water treatment. This confidence is based on present capabilities and striving plans. Essential to both present and future success are maintaining the following:

A reputation for high-quality products & solutions and skilled, dedicated people.

A dedication to increasing our presence and our competitive advantages in the global marketplace.

A focus on helping individual customers meets their specific performance goals, through tailoring our solutions that can best suit their needs.

Openness in using and monitoring the latest tools in information management to control costs and supply with effective, high-quality products that provide a rapid return on investment to our customers.

An emphasis on continuing innovation in Research and Development to provide unique, practical solutions to age-old problems of environment hazards related to water . as we know "Change is Constant"



At Shubham we're always looking for good and effective people resource. As we grow and expand into new and exciting areas of water and waste water treatment with movement beyond the boundaries, our need for talented, dedicated people also grows. If you think you might have something to offer Shubham Inc., you should also know that Shubham Inc. has plenty to offer you.

So, if you have the right mix of qualification, inter-personal skills, analytical ability and a pleasing personality, post in your resume at info@shubhamindia.com.

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